The Mission of Mountain View Academy is to honour and nurture the potential of every child. We expand the traditional boundaries of education, taking into account the unique qualities of every student, including their level of confidence, emotional readiness, past experiences, as well as their learning styles.  We are fostering future generations of accomplished young men and women.

Our mission is to:

  • challenge students to be the best that they can be by helping them develop a feeling of self-worth and a belief in their own ability that will allow them to pursue their goals;
  • focus on our students’ social development to ensure that they are able to interact fully with others and accept responsibility for their own actions and develop awareness of how their actions impact others;
  • deliver the curriculum in such a way as to meet the needs of the individual student, enriching the program where necessary;
  • recognize parents as partners in education and
  • establish a life-long love of learning.

Mountain View Academy will strive to meet the needs of the twenty-first century family by offering:

  • An outstanding education program that prepares each child for the life challenges that they will face;
  • A low student/teacher ratio of 16:1 to provide undivided care and attention;
  • Individualized, unique and creative projects that incorporate the Alberta curriculum;
  • Teachers with diverse academic backgrounds to provide an enriched environment;
  • Extensive extra-curricular activities that augment classroom-based learning;
  • The development of a child’s self-esteem is a core component of our school’s philosophy and is therefore a pivotal point in the planning and execution of the daily lessons and activities. Options and core academic subjects are all delivered according to our belief in a multi-faceted teaching approach. To promote a sense of belonging and to create a climate of social and economic equality, we ask that all children attending Mountain View Academy wear a uniform bearing our logo and colors.


To prepare students for entry into our rapidly changing society of the 21st Century, each student will master the fundamental elements in core subjects, learn how to learn through self-directed research, problem solving, communication skills and a diverse knowledge base.

Mountain View Academy’s vision includes these aspects:

  • Ensuring the development and implementation of quality programs and high standards for each individual student;
  • Accessing all available resources for the individual;
  • Involving the school community in policy decisions regarding school programs;
  • Supporting the vital role of teachers and
  • Being accountable to the school community.

Beliefs and Core Values

Mountain View Academy is founded on two core beliefs:

  • The importance of the individual student and the maximization of the individual’s potential by providing intense attention, both academic and personal.
  • The necessity for active participation of all members of the school community

The following belief and core value statements also serve to guide decision and policy-making within Mountain View Academy:

  • We believe that all persons deserve to be treated with love, respect and dignity.
  • We believe that each person has unique gifts and talents, which, in collaboration with others, advances the learning of each student. As a school we have the responsibility to help develop those gifts.
  • We are not just a service provider; we are a community that includes families, students, teachers and staff.
  • We value parents as partners in the education of their children in a mutually supportive and respectful environment.
  • We believe that parents are given the responsibility for the education of their children and the school works closely with the family to achieve this goal.